Mysterious Batsquatch Encounter

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, there were a few, seemingly random sightings of the Batsquatch throughout the Pacific Northwest. One such encounter happened in 1998 along a logging road somewhere in the state of Washington. It was reported that a logging truck was driving down said road when it struck an unidentified object. They assumed that it was a stump or something that fell off of another truck as it went down the logging road. However, when the men exited the follow truck to see what had happened, they found something very different than what they expected. The following was submitted to an online forum that described the incident

“The creature stood about fifteen feet high when it was sitting, hunched over in front of me. I later discovered that this creature would measure an easy thirty feet from head to bottom, once it was airborne. I say bottom, because it didn’t really have a tail. The head of the animal was unusually small compared to its massive body, the beady purple eyes would remind anyone who has the misfortune of seeing them, believe that this creature could be of the raton family. While other characteristics of the head also had many features of the raton family, being of noteworthy comment is the long pointed ears from which protruded from the top of the creature’s head. The nose was rather small. The most pronounced feature of the nose being its unusual color of purple. I believe this is the only creature in the world that has a purple nose. The wing span of the creature looked very small, as if it couldn’t fly with such a small wing surface. However, I later learned, once the creature was airborne, the wings extended out to form a wingspan of a good forty feet. The most disturbing feature of the large beast was its hands. It appeared to have four sets of them. Perhaps I should clarify that to mean two sets of claws/hands on the wings, about mid-way and another set on the torso, almost as if they were human. (I didn’t notice the hands near the torso until another encounter with the large animal the next day.) The creature was very frightening to look at and could almost be a cross between a large bat and a excessively large furry human. I believe the most accurate description would be that given by some of the local towns folk, whom later had the misfortune of encountering the beast and naming it “Batsquatch.” “

There are a lot of people that believe that while this account sounds very specific and absolutely terrifying, it’s also no more than a piece of Batsquatch fan fiction. One of the reasons that this is believed is that because shortly after this was posted the author deleted his account information AND his e-mail address. There is some speculation that the author believed that he was being tracked by a combination of government agencies and other “nefarious” beings(perhaps aliens?). This may be a reason why he suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth. Perhaps he believed that something bad was bound to happen, or perhaps he simply made up the entire story and didn’t want anyone able to trace who he was. There’s no real evidence in either director but YOU be the judge! What do you think happened?